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Saturday, 27 June 2015

8 Proven Ways to Win your Ex Back

I know you are missing her so badly and want her back again, Am I, right? Damn sure I am right because it not only happen with you.

It happens with almost 95% person who does ever break up. Do you want her back again your life? Don't worry you can get her again.

Here are the 8 proven ways to get your ex back in your life.

Take some time apart: Number one rule to give your partner sometimes. I would suggest you to not contact her at least two weeks.
When someone do breakup that person almost broke up. So give that person to some time to relax and think about all the thing that happened in the past.

Let her realize how breakup feels. Where things went wrong and whether she want your back in her life again or not.

Focus on your goal: While these days enjoy your life as you want go with your buddies, go to the gym enjoy parties.

Live your life with your own rule like you are a king. It will help you to bring help you real you back again.

But if you still are not happy with your life and still missing her bad. It means that there are something in your heart which saying that your need your ex-lover back in your life.

Understand her: Before getting her back again in your life again you have asked a question to yourself why did she left you.

Where thing went wrong, and she dumped you at the first place.

You can not win her back until you find the main reason for break up.

Did you hurt her or it was all her fault?

You have to find the reason and have to promise yourself that it will not happen again.

Get and find her: After releasing who's fault was, go and find her even it was her fault. You have to make the first move because true love is precious, and only very few lucky person get it.

Whatever you do try to make her happy either you WhatsApp her or Facebook.

A simple message like 'we need to talk' or 'I need you in my life it is not complete without you' can play a smart role to bring her back in your life.

Be together and act normal: After the breakup there were a lot of things which can still make you angry with her. But you have to keep your mind cool like nothing happened in the past.

Show her that you have so much respect for her and your not only sexually attracted to her.

Laugh at her silly jokes and appreciate her beauty, smile, and her dresses.

Keep meeting her often: If first meeting after breakup went well then try to meet her often.

Did you notice how easy process it to bring her back in your life again? Most of the guys make the worst mistake some foolish guy try to threaten they ex and think like she will come in her life again.

Don't ever try to do this kind of mistake when you are trying to your love back.

If you have come up with all my advice, it means that you love her and truly want her in your life.

Go for it: After several successful casual meeting with her, when she is in happy mood tell her that you want her back again in your life.

Tell her how bad you missed her in back days when they did break up, and it was like a hell without her.

Show her like you understand it was his fault and you care her a lot.

Go on beach and enjoy: After all you finally got her and then make love and enjoy with her at the beach.

Still don't forget the respect.

One bonus advice “True relationship needs compromise” if you want to make your relationship strong forever then respect each other. Good Luck.